Emirates joins with IBM in IT Services partnership

One of the biggest IT hardware and innovation development companies in the world, IBM, has signed a Philadelphia IT services expert deal for a decade with Emirates Airline Company. The terms of this deal include a section detailing that the airline company will spend a whopping 300m USD. The idea is to improve the efficiency of passenger support system and functions. For more than 30 years Emirates was using Z systems provided by IBM for ticketing, and other business transactions such as flight reservations, inventory, check in and flight informations.

With this agreement the IBM will manage all the services and storage, to help the Emirates to organize all data in time. According to the IBM manages, this partnership, using the new platform will allow the airline to have new custom business applications to handle the various activities, capabilities and competences like services packaged in APIs. In addition, the IBM said that, using the managed service delivery model allow the Emirates to do the business better than before and make the operational savings.The major reason for the collaboration between IBM and Emirates is to improve the passenger service system, this is an analytical viewpoint from the perspective of the final users of the systems that will be born from the deal.

Etihad, one of the most recognizable airline companies in any airspace, also signed a deal with IBM in October 2015. A huge 700m USD was then the cost of project. A marriage with IBM  provided the Abu-Dhabi based airline and its partners, with cloud servers, analytics applications, mobile capabilities, as well as secure and cognitive technologies.

The construction of new cloud data center in Abu Dhabi was included in this agreement, and we could expect to see the same being done for the Emirates group. At the same time the partnership that is active and extendable between IBM and Apple, offered mobile capabilities for employees and guests for the penned deals in the past, it should also see both sides of the bilateral agreement gaining in market share.

Robert Webb, Etihad airways CIO, had nothing but great expectations and remarks to say with the monumental deal signing, stating that the agreement would bring into then a brighter future and a lot of optimism on behalf of all companies linked with their organization.

With the way technology plays a huge part in the edging of customers for flight companies, the Emirates could not have selected a better partner to play the ticketing and other services game with. There could not have been a better time too, when the relative costs for the same deals would have cost them more to sign in the past, and could have cost business if not signed going into the future. Passengers with mileage pending with the Emirates group’s charters should be in for a long list of improvements that are set to take them further above their current expectations and the rest of the flying industry by storm.