Empty leg flights rental operated and run by well-funded and rich private charters are gaining traction in most of the developed nations. They are not exactly cheap as they as they are expensive but for all the expenses you will incur you will enjoy the luxury of flying first class on a private jet at a low price compared to the real cost. This fact is strengthened and verified by industry experts.

What are empty leg flights?

Empty private jet flights are private jet flights that lack a traveler or a passenger during one of the two-way flight. It can lack a traveler when going to pick the traveler somewhere or it can return empty after ferrying a traveler somewhere.

The private jet charter company notifies and informs a person usually a mediator about an empty leg flight being available and the mediator notifies his clientele about the availability of the empty leg flight. The mediator’s clientele most of the time are usually corporates.

What’s the deal for flyers?

Flyair Charters flight operations manager Mrs. Kathik noted that a person can save up to 75% on the standard charter flight charge if he or she hops into an empty leg flight. This mostly applies to people who are mindful on the expenditure and have flexible routes and timings and are also open to deals that come at the last minute. Mrs. Kathik’s company runs and operates empty leg flights.

All other service standards on the empty leg flights are identical and similar to those provided and offered on a private charter that operates normally. This notion is also strengthened by industry experts. Moreover, the range and array of options is wide and large, as private charter companies usually strive to fly to any destination, even the most remote locations.

Why are private charter flight companies excited?

For the private charter companies and operators, it’s extra income and revenue that is above and over the income earned on the normal and regular booked flights hence there is no additional cost or expenses.

Whistler Aviation, a private charter flight operating company, head of operations manager Archit Gupta notes that this has become a trend in most developed nations but also the rich in developing nations have started to take up the habit.

Is there reason not to be pessimistic?

Experts and industry observers believe and foresee that this system will exponentially grow. They support this belief and have faith on the private charter business steady growth which has increased by three hundred percent over the past 10 years.

The private charters not only include private jets but also include helicopters as well as fixed wing aircraft. The companies offer empty leg flights on both helicopters and private jets.

Fares and prices depend on the journey schedule and distance of the place. ” The fares of private empty leg flights decrease as the date of departure nears unlike in commercial airlines” said Gupta.

Saptarshi Chhaterjee, manager with MAB aviation, a Juhu based private charter firm, said that the signs were encouraging but it would take some years for the business to evolve to the scale in most countries in the world.